Time table

Below you will find the time table for NICES 2017. This table is provisionally and may change.


From Monday 31 July to Friday 04 August and from Monday 07 August to Friday 11 August, ticket activities take place. For these activities registration is required. This registration will take place the evening prior to the activity (see ticket distribution).
Not all activities will last for the same time. Some activities will take the whole day, while other activities will last for the morning or midday. The activities will not start before 9:00 hr and will end before 17:00 hr.

Ticket distribution

Every evening prior to the day of ticket activities, will be a ticket distribution. This ticket distribution will take place from 19:30 hr to 20:15 hr. During the ticket distribution, participants can register for an activity at the ticket distribution center in the main tent.

Leader meeting

Every day, at 19:45, there is a leader meeting. At this meeting, at least one leader of every present group is required. During this meeting the day will be evaluated and announcements will be made by the organization.

Main tent

The main tent will open for participants at 19:45 hr. In, and close to, this tent the evening program will take place. Apart from this, there will be music and you can buy your drink and a snack there.
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the tent will close at 00:00 hr. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the tent is open until 01:00 hr.

Evening program

Every evening a great, challenging evening program will take place. A detailed program is not available at this time.

Special activities

During NICES a number of special activities will take place:

  • Opening ceremony:
    Sunday 30 July from 14:00 hr to 17:00 hr;
  • International barbeque:
    Friday 4 August from 19:00 hr to 21:00 hr.
    During the barbeque, every group will be ask to prepare a side dish caracteristic for the home country of the group;
  • Public day:
    Sunday 6 Augustus from 13:00 hr to 17:00 hr;
  • Closing ceremony:
    Friday 11 August from 21:00 hr to 22:00 hr.