Of course, NICES 2017 is not possible is without a great group of enthusiastic staff. Would you like to give international scouts a great adventure? Do you like to be active and do you love a challenge? Are you 18 years or older and available in the summer of 2017? Then we are looking for you to join our team! Registration for staff has started, so signup now!

What can you expect as a staff member?

A great time with other international scouts and the chance to make new contacts. But also an opportunity to gain experience for yourself. We have various jobs such as activities support, bar employee, night guard, maintenance worker, information services, etc. Of course we prefer that all the staff is present the full two weeks and with the buildup and break down of the camp. But since NICES is flexible, You can sign up for the days you are available at your convenience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be fully provided for staff. Coffee or tea is always freshly made. You have your own spot on the staff field and of course you get the whole staff packet.

What does it really cost, being a NICES staff member?

Nothing! We value our staff. The dedication and enthusiasm that we ask will be refunded by a great time with new international Scouting friends and a great experience.