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Date News

Within a few days, the 6th edition of NICES will take place! Let us know how you prepare for NICES 2017 by sending us a message on Facebook or an e-mail to! 


Registrations for NICES 2017 will close on 31 May 2017.
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Registrations for crew members are still open! We are particularly looking for activity crew members during weekdays!


Registrations have been very successful. Now 23 groups from 8 different countries are attending NICES 2017. A group from Ghana is also interested joining NICES again and registrations are still coming in.

11 days of NICES Time!

Surprisingly all groups registered in the first 11 days of NICES. Because the relatively small group of participants in the remaining days we have decided to adjust the camp into 11 days of NICES Time! NICES will begin at 29th of July and end on the 8th of August. The last days of NICES we complete with a unique program and a great party!

New adventurous program

We’re very busy preparing a spectacular activity program. We can already give you a sneak preview from one of the new activities.

Register as a staff member!

Haven’t registered yet? Then sign up as a staff member and don’t miss the International Scoutparty of 2017!

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Registrations for NICES are coming in!

Groups from Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Belgium,United Kingdom and of course our own country The Netherlands will come to the international scout camp NICES 2017!

Location revealed

The location for NICES 2017 has been revealed , it is the same location as previous editions of NICES, "Budschop 32, 6031 AJ Nederweert".

First Registrations!
We have received the first registrations for NICES 2017! These registrations include participants from Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, and of course our own country The Netherlands. On the 22nd October 2016 we will attend the International Day of Lesscouts in Courrière (BE).

Searching for Crew
Are you too old to be a participant? You don't have the same ideas as your group? Or you want to join us for a longer time?

Become a crew member during NICES 2017!
You can register here!

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