NICES 2017 will take place in Nederweert, a small town (16.000 residents) in the south of the Netherlands between Eindhoven and Maastricht. Nederweert is situated in the province of Limburg, exactly between Belgium (15 km) and Germany (25 km). Many unspoiled wildlife areas including a large National Park surround Nederweert. In addition the village is as it were drawn and quartered by three canals, which is unique for the Netherlands.


Although a tent isn’t a five-star hotel, the participants are offered all conveniences. The following facilities are expected on the campsite:

  • Info centre;
  • Sanitary facilities;
  • Showers (hot and cold water);
  • Telephone and internet;
  • Refrigeration for food;
  • First aid facilities;
  • Parking for cars and buses;
  • Cell phone recharge point.

And further

Besides these standard facilities we also offer the following on the campsite:

  • Large partytent with bar;
  • Culture tent with scouting exhibitions;
  • For the nightowls and those who can't sleep: a nighttent which is open until the early morning;
  • In the weekend a scout and souvenir shop.