NICES 2017 News

Next NICES in 2017

News from the NICES organizing team: the next edition of Nederweert International Camp for European Scouts will be held in the summer of 2017. After five successful editions of this adventurous summer camp between 2001 and 2012 we are not going to follow the tradition to organize NICES every three years. After careful consideration we decided to have a longer break and not to organize NICES in 2015 but in 2017.

As you probably know the NICES organization is a group of volunteers from all ranks of Scouting Nederweert, the local Scouts group. They perform their NICES duties alongside their regular responsibilities towards Scouting Nederweert. We all strive for quality, flexibility and personal attention both for our own group as well as NICES. These goals require time, dedication and creativity. In these busy times it proofs to be more and more challenging to combine them. Delivering ‘poor work’ is not something that can be found in a Scout’s dictionary and as a result the logical choice is that we will focus our attention on our own group first.

By planning the next edition of NICES in 2017 there is more than enough time to organize a camp with the high quality and progressive nature everybody expects and deserves. Preparations do take roughly two years. Furthermore we want to use this time window to find and recruit new talent into the NICES organization. This works both ways: on the one hand this new talent can learn from the knowledge and experience of the existing team, on the other hand new people bring new ideas and a boost in creativity.

We are confident that all of you as our (recurring) participants, crew, suppliers and sponsors understand our choice and that your extended patience will be more than rewarded with a fantastic edition of NICES in 2017.

Thinking back to all those happy faces of more than 1200 scouts from 20 different countries who visited the first five editions of NICES (2001, 2003, 2006, 2009, and 2012) we assume that NICES 2017 will be a great scouting summer in Nederweert.

Our website and our Facebook page will remain available for reliving those memories but also for regular news updates and information.

We wish all of you great summer camps the coming years and hope to see you again soon!


Download the press release as pdf